Getting Started

Creating an Account

To create an account, go to link and sign yourself up there first.

As prerequisite, make sure you have a browser which is able to facilitate you to launch this web site in your personal computer or laptop.

After launching the link in your browser you will be able to see the dashboard option in your screen.

By clicking the dashboard button user will be able to see the login option and sign up option.

Sign Up

A new user have to sign up to use the application when user click the sign up button from the dashboard user can see a sign up form user need to fill up the First Name,Last Name,Username,Email,Password and Company Name (optional field) fields and click the sign up button.

Sign Up

After submitting the sign up form user will receive an email from Alice Labs for account registration verification.

Verify Email

User will open the email to verify the account by clicking that account verify button or coping the hash code and paste it to the link above user will be able to login to the system.

Verify Email



After successful sign up user can log in to the application by filling up the username & password field which will allow the user to continue further.

Log in

Login will take the user to the page below where user can add as many project as he want and connect those projects to their desired social platform.