Create a Project

Add Your Project

After successful login admin can create a project from dashboard page.

Admin will do the following steps to create a project:

Click on add a project icon.
Provide data: Platform Name*, Platform Description* & Image.
Click on the next button or cancel the page.

If admin cancel that page he can find the project from the dashboard. From here admin can click on the connect platform button and add the desired platform to the project.

Add Your Platform

Admin will select the social media platform (example: facebook or viber) from here and click on the desired platform.

Admin will do the following steps to add platform to that project:

Click on Connect Facebook button
Log in to your facebook account
Select the facebook page you want to connect
Click on the next button
Configure the settings
Click on the done button
Click on the ok button
Click on the select button under the page name
Then you are ready to go

From the dashboard page admin will find the project and the connected platform to that project.