Overview part will contain the base/summary of all the analytics with key points.By default last 28 days and all the connected platforms summary will be shown here.User can use the filtering option(date range and platform) and see his desired information.

Overview by default image

Provided analytics:

In highlights section user can see the following information:

New User section will show how many new users have interacted with the bot.Interactive users section will show the total number of users that have interacted with the bot.Total conversation shows the incoming and outgoing messages between the users and the bot.Total automated section will show the percentage of messages that we’re replied by bot.User retention rate shows the percentage of users that have continued the interaction with the bot further.


Growth Metrics

Active Users (Daily, Weekly, Monthly):

This chart will show the number of active users in the selected time frame. 1-day, 7-day, and 30-day active users, plotted over time. Summary values on the right show the number of active users as of the last day of the date range. 'Active User' is a count of the unique users who have been contacted by bot, or sent a message to bot within the selected date range.

Active Users

This chart will show the number of messages sent by the users and number of messages replied by the bot in the selected time frame. 1-day, 7-day, and 30-day automation rate(user message vs bot message), plotted over time. Summary values on the right show the number of messages by user and replies by bot as of the last day of the date range.

Active Trends

Engagement Metrics

Hourly Conversation:

A heat-map showing incoming message count. Each cell shows the number of messages to the bot by hour on a particular day. All data is shown in the time zone specified in user settings. For a date range greater than 7 days, the data in each cell shows the sum of multiple days.

Hourly Conversation

For example, in a 14-day period, the cell that represents Tuesday at 5 pm will show the sum of 2 Tuesdays at 5 pm.

People Metrics


Gender pie chart shows the existing number of male and female users in the selected interval.


Locale bar chart shows the location graph of the users in the selected interval.

Gender pie chart & Locale pie chart

Word Cloud:

We provide a word cloud of all the keywords (important words) that were (a) said by the uses and (b) not understood by the chat bot accurately. They are ordered and sized with respect to the frequency of occurrence. This is easier to read and more useful as compared to the traditional fancy word clouds.

Most Used Phrases

User will see top hundred words by clicking the (1 word,2 word and 3 word) option and each word will appear in different color and size according to their frequency of occurrence.


There is a list of top 20 stories* (intent/event) for user. The list contains following data points:

Story section shows a short summary of the story.Name section shows the event/intent (event is given by the bot and intent is given by the users) with details as help text,Total messages shows the count of messages of that story in the timeline,Automated section shows the percentage of incoming message from users and replied by bot in the time frame, Distinct Customer section shows the different users with that story in the timeline,


Ratio shows the automated messages (messages replied by the bot without the help of the admin) among the total messages and Action section's view details link will take user into the details of the story.User can click the view details link and see the details in conversation section.

After clicking the View Details link

Pie/Doughnut chart shows the conversation count of the story.In the above chart most asked top five stories are shown.