Funnels refer to the shifting of user from one end to the next and so on. From funnels it is possible to understand in which step the user are being dropped from the flow. There might be three possible branches after the get started button and each of the buttons may need multiple steps to reach the ultimate goal of that conversation. How many people could reach the goal and how many have left in the middle of the conversation can be shown visually in this section. Users can create their own funnels containing custom start and end point with some intermediate steps in order to understand the flow of user actions between the end points. Provided features:

  • Using previously made funnels

  • Creating new funnels

  • User count and percentage in each step

Funnelling is enterprise specific. For example, for an e-commerce page, the flow of sales of products is important. For a product or promotion based page, it is important to know the flow status of customer satisfaction. Funnels can be designed according to the purpose of the page.