This is plain logs of the conversation to understand in details if there is anything that needs attention. This data can be exported. By default last 28 days and intent option will be given selected and user will see the information of all the connected platforms. User can also select the message by, date range, action & platform option to see the conversation history of any particular platform. These filtering options are given below.

Filtering options:

  • Message by:

    • User

    • Admin

    • Bot

  • Date range:

    • Last 7 Days

    • Last 14 Days

    • Last 28 Days (default*)

    • Last 3 Months

    • Lifetime (?)

    • Custom

  • Action:

    • Intent

    • Event

  • Platform:

    • All the connected platforms to that project (default all)

  • Search text

Provided Data:

All the messages of the users and reply's of the bot will be shown in the message option, Customer ID will contain each customer's unique id, Time option will show the message timing of the users or the reply timing of the bot, Type will show which type of messages weather it is a event or intent (event is given by the bot and intent is given by the users), Reply true means when bot replies to the message and reply false means when bot did not reply to that particular message and Source shows the sender (customer or bot) of the message.


Search story option is used when user wants to search any specific story instead of watching the whole conversation history.This is a very useful option for the user as it saves the valuable time of our user time.

Searched Story