CMS (content management system) is a tool where content of a page can be stored in an organized way. Here, admin can add the page content in an inventory which will help them to easily find and manipulate the data.

CMS -> (Empty Inventory)

Create a Inventory

For creating an inventory admin will click the please create a inventory button. After that, admin will get the following modal popup window.

There are three mandatory fields:

  • Name*

  • Description* &

  • Add a Field*

Add Inventory

Inventory name and description field option can't be edited.

Adding fields:

While creating an inventory admin must create at least one field. There are six field types.

Field Types:

  • Small Text

  • Text Area

  • Number

  • Date

  • Date and Time &

  • image

Once a field is updated successfully while editing that same field it's type can't be edited.

Adding new Column

Edit This Inventory

After clicking the edit inventory button when admin wants to add a new column three new options will be given for that new column.

  • Save

  • Cancel &

  • Delete

To keep the changes admin will click the save button, to discard the changes click the cancel button & delete button will simply remove the new column from the inventory.

Delete This Inventory

Deleting option will simply delete that inventory from the inventory list.

Inventory List

There is a drop-down option where admin will find all the inventory.

Add an Inventory

This option will help the admin to create as many new inventory as he wants to create. Admin will find all the created inventory in the drop-down option.

Add to Bucket

Add to bucket option will help the admin to add data in the inventory. After adding the data admin will click the add button.

Adding data to bucket
Inventory Table

After adding the data to the bucket inventory table will look like this. Here, admin will see a new column called action where there is two important button will appear. They are given below:

Edit Column: This option will help the admin to edit that particular column data.

Delete Column: This option will help the admin to delete that particular column data.