Broadcast option will help the page admin to send messages to the end users who are connected to the platform.

Broadcast List

Broadcast list will keep the history of all the sent and schedule broadcast messages. This list will contain the following data:

  • Sent/ Schedule Date : This column will show the sent or schedule date of a broadcast message.

  • Content : This column will show the preview content of a broadcast message.

  • Status : This column will show the status of a broadcast message. There are three types of status:

    • Sent -> For successful broadcast

    • Pending -> For scheduled broadcast

    • Failed -> For unsuccessful broadcast

Broadcast List
  • Replied : This column will show the number of users replied to that particular broadcast message.

  • Action : This column will show the delete option for a scheduled broadcast message.

Create New Broadcast

After clicking the add broadcast button, the create new broadcast modal will appear.

After Clicking > Add Broadcast Button

Here admin will see the following fields:

  • Select a user group*

  • Text Block* or

  • Image Block*

Select A User Group

After Clicking > Select a User Group

Select a user group option is provided for the admin to send the broadcast message to all or a particular user group connected to the page. Admin can create user group by clicking add a group option given in the drop-down box this action will take the admin to the segmentation part where he will set the conditions for that group. For example, admin wants to send a broadcast message to all the female users connected to the page so he will create the female user group which will be shown in the drop-down box. This is a mandatory field which admin must fill out.

Text Block

After Clicking > Text Block

After clicking the text block button admin will see a text box area and add button option. In the text box area admin can type the broadcast message. By clicking the add button option admin can add at most two buttons to the broadcast message.

After Adding > Add Button

Admin will type button label & url to add clickable button to the broadcast message.

Image Block

Image block button will provide the option to add image with the broadcast message and make it more attractive to the users.

Admin must keep text or image in the broadcast message.

After Clicking > Image Block Button

After filling up all the mandatory fields admin will click the send now button or schedule for later button for pushing the message to the end users.

After Clicking > Send Now Button

After successful broadcast the status column will be changed from scheduled to sent.