Create Survey

Steps for Creating Survey

Provide Survey Information

After clicking add a new survey option admin will be taken to the create survey page. Here, admin will provide survey information.

After Clicking > Create Survey Option.

In this page admin will fill-up the following mandatory information for creating a survey.

Two mandatory fields are:

  • Survey Name*

  • Survey Description*

After providing the Survey Name and Survey Description, admin will click the next button option this action will take the admin to the build your survey section.

Build Your Survey

In this page admin will fill-up the following mandatory information for building his survey.

Two mandatory fields are:

  • Question input field*

  • Type of answer*

Answer type filtering options are given below:


  • Small Text (default)

  • Textarea

  • Number

  • Email


  • Single Choice

  • Multiple Choice

  • Nps 0-5

  • Nps 0-10

  • Rating Emoji


  • Matrix


  • Only Date

  • Only Time

  • Date & Time

  • Date Range


  • Images

Adding Questions (Default view)

After clicking the add a question button admin will see the page below.

Unsaved Question

Here, admin will type the questions (minimum one question)* for the survey and select the corresponding answer type. In survey preview section admin can see the questions added to their survey so far.

Admin will click the save progress button for saving the question to the survey.

Saved Question

Skip Logic

For creating the skip logic admin needs to click the answer type single choice. From here admin can add conditions to the survey. For example, there is a question ''How often you buy things from online'' options are once in a week, once in a month and i don't buy from online based on the selected option next question will be show to the user. If user clicks Once in a week then he or she will get question number 3 or Once in a month then he or she will get question number 4 or i don't buy from online then he or she will get question number 5. So for every option user will get different question and here's how this skip logic will work.


A set of rules can be set by the admin in this segmentation section. This section is very helpful for admin when he wants to push the survey targeting to a particular group of people.

Default View of Segmentation.

For creating any rule admin need to click on Add A Segment button.

After clicking Add A Segment button.

By default admin will see age attribute is selected. Segmentation section is consist of four important fields.For making any rule admin will select the attribute type, corresponding condition and values.

Attribute filter type

  • Age

  • LSM

  • Gender &

  • Area

Admin can use any of the above mention attributes and set the conditions according to the survey demand. For example, admin is creating a survey for adults so admin will set a rule where attribute is age condition is greater then and value is 17 or admin is making a survey to understand the LSM (Life Standard Measurement) of their user's then admin will select the LSM attribute condition is greater then and value is 2 or admin is making a survey for the females user's so attribute is gender condition is equals to and value is female Or admin is making a survey for a particular area then the attribute will be area condition will be equals to and value will be Bangladesh or anything that admin wishes to give. After setting the rules for user admin will click the save progress button and that rule will be saved. Only reachable user will receive that survey.

After adding Segmentation.

Admin can add as many rules as he wants but must check the reachable user count above the rules. After adding the rules to his survey admin will click the continue button to proceed further.

Provide Schedule Date

This is the last step of survey creation. Here, admin will set the start date and maximum reachable user of the survey.

There are two mandatory fields:

  • Start Date*

  • Select Max Reach for User* (minimum 10 user's)


After providing Scheduled date.

In this area, an admin will set the starting date and the most extreme reachable user (least 10 user's) of the survey. For example, admin sets the starting date 20/12/2018 with the max reachable user 100 (which means this survey will start from 20/12/2018 and maximum 100 users can participate in this survey).