Alice Bees

What is Alice Bees?

Alice Labs is providing a new tool called Alice Bees. It is a surveying tool which helps the admin to create a valued survey for their target group of user. Admin can push the survey for any particular group of user and receive the accurate survey response which will help the admin to understand several important statistics about their user.

For example, here in Alice Bees are providing authenticate users.These users are the subscribers of our Facebook page called "Smartbees". Whenever we are pushing any new survey all the users of this page will receive the survey notification. We keep our user's response private so that any misuse of users data is impossible.

Upcoming Features

Admin can create their survey and publish it in their own website. In this case, only those website users will be able to answer the survey.

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Creating survey for user can enhance the business growth rapidly. Survey will help the admin to know user's actual demand, grab more users, satisfy the existing users and things user do not prefer about their service. In addition, the statistics and studies admin will get by completing a survey will help the admin for future development.